Amazon Rainforest Fire - What actually happened?

Amazon Rainforest Fire – What actually happened?


Forests have great importance in our life that cannot be underestimated. They spread around 30% of the world’s territory; however, they are vanishing at a disturbing rate. Somewhere in 1990 to 2016, 1.3 million2 km of forests have been lost. Our survival could not be possible without trees as they give out oxygen which humans and animals need to breathe. Air is purified by the trees.

Rather than cutting them, growing more is an important thing. There is less rainfall in areas where there are less or no trees because water, from the soil, is absorbed by the trees. They give us many reasons why we should have them and so we can make an effort to protect them instead of destroying them. Along with providing a home for the animals and livelihood for the humans, they have a major contribution in absorbing the gases which are produced by human activities. When those gases are released into the air, they cause an increase in global warming.


Deforestation causes a threat to the species. Many humans, living in rural areas, depend upon these forests for their living as well as income. Animals have their homes in these forests and when they are cut down, it deprives them off from everything. Then they are at the edge of extinction. Sometimes deforestation takes the shape of setting the forests on fire, which causes more harm.  Deforestation affects the climate, causes floods and landslides and most importantly, it leads to the biodiversity’s loss.

Amazon Rainforest Fire

Amazon, often called the lungs of Earth, covers an area of about 7 million 2 km being the largest tropical rainforest. It constitutes over half a portion of the earth’s existing rainforests. With an expected 390 billion trees separated into 16 thousand breeds, it contains the biggest and the bio diverse portion of equatorial rainforest on the planet.

The year 2019 had been a challenging one for Brazil as it witnessed several fires this year particularly in the Amazon region. Around 17% of the Amazon rainforest has been demolished in recent years.

The fire was a common technique used in Amazon rainforest mainly to clear the land for cattle but this time this technique was backfired and now this largest rainforest is on severe fire. Monday was a dark day in Sao Paolo, the largest city of Brazil. Entire city submerged into darkness due to the smoke which arose from the Amazon rainforest. It all started by human activities whether intentionally or unintentionally.

This rainforest, since its commencement, has been moderately heatproof because of its clammy and moist conditions. In any case, an expansion in the recurrence and potency of droughts in a mix with human exercises in the backwoods has prompted a projection in the quantity of flames. Amazon rainforest used to produce about 20% of oxygen. Now that it is burning, creating worse conditions. The smoke and carbon that is being emitted are threatening plants, animals, and people around.

Reviews on the alarming Amazon fire

The news took no time in getting viral on social media. Twitter had been filled with hash tags like #PrayForAmazonia #AmazonFire #PrayforAmazon that started being promoted to create awareness among people. Around 3 million tweets had been shown up since Tuesday, the next day of the fire. People, though are tweeting and sharing the news, but aren’t thinking about the actual cause of this fire and how harmful it is. However, Brazilian authorities had dispatched an army on Friday to combat the fire yet it had covered much of the area.

A quarrel arose between the president of France and Brazil as Mr. Emmanuel Macron said that Mr. Jair Bolsonaro never really cared about the climate change and lied about protecting Amazon Forest. In return, Balsonaro said that they don’t have enough resources to fight the fire. US President Mr. Donald Trump had shown support to fight the huge disaster. Al Jazeera, BBC News, CNN News, Euro news and many more had covered the news of the fire, explained the causes and the effects it had caused on wildlife as well as people in surrounding areas. NASA analyzed this crisis in Brazil and told that the fire activity across the Amazon region was nearly equal to the average as compared to the past fifteen years. Researchers have cautioned that if the loss in trees in the Amazon would cross a certain point, close to 25 and 40%, deforestation could begin to benefit from it.

What can we do to reduce this fire?

Climate changes on planet earth have been predicted to get worse with time. Human activities produce greenhouse gases due to which the temperature of the earth is rising. Deforestation makes climate conditions worse. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and heat waves are becoming intense.

What we can do to save forest life is plant more and more trees, control human activities that release harmful gases. Setting forests on fire in Brazil was a common practice to clear the land; this practice should be banned and stopped immediately as it was the main cause of this fire. Donate to the organizations that work to preserve forest territories. We should create awareness among people about the importance of forests, how they affect the climate and deforestation and most importantly show people the impact of this Amazon rainforest’s increasing fire.

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