Best and Popular Magazines for Health


In case you are facing issues on health, these are to help you with home based easy remedies!

Health issues today

There have been a number of issues regarding to health are going on in the era of today. People are literally living busy lives and spending what they are earning, they do not have eve a bit of time for recreations of even anything else. However, still the issues regarding health are not coming to an end. In fact they are getting double or triple with every passing minute. The health professionals and medicos are also worried that why is it being happening for a long time now. They are thoughtful that why they are researching of daily basis, working out on wonderful countless remedies and medications but still the problems are not coming to an end. Instead, the issues are going on and on and on with every passing day.

The issue is confirmed to be considered that it is never ending but at least and researchers can try their level best to minimize the damage. Considering malaria as a disease, there was a time when it got viral and people were dying rapidly, it was the time of the days back in the 18th century where the doctors researched and found quina quina herb to make the cure for malaria. Sad it is and also very shocking that in this era, malaria is not considered as a big problem and can be cured by just the medications.

But in this time, we have found bigger problems and bigger incurable diseases for ourselves. The diseases such as Tuberculosis, cancer, brain tumors and kidney dialysis are all incurable in this era. However, the medics are trying their best to find the cure for all these problems. Maybe expectedly in a year or two or a bit later, we may be able to find the cure for cancer and other such diseases but what if we find further fatal diseases by then too?

Purpose of Health Magazines

To support the cause of curing people, it should be necessary taken care that the patients should see a doctor or a medic to get basic and immediate first aid so that the disease would not last longer or get worst. However, we also know that people are scared and they prefer not to go to the doctors in case they do not want to find any disease in themselves. But if the patients cannot reach up to the doctors, the health professionals and doctors are suggested to go to them and for the same reason, they have created and started publishing a variety of magazines so that the people can read them and get themselves basic care at home.

Popular Magazines for Health Tips

The cures are home based and easy so that the people can follow them while at home. In case, it gets worst, they can then rush to the nearest medic. Let us see which magazines are top ranked as per on the basis of health tips:

1.     Health

The major release from the Meredith Corporation is a popular health magazine named ‘Health’. It is an exclusively available magazine in America and there are last health issues discussed by world’s well known medics, be them the gynecologists, psychologists, dermatologists or even the child specialists. The issues are well known by world but still there is a great need to market the cause and address the issues from media tools to the public.

The magazines tell great tips for dieting and give a detailed diet plan for the people who are conscious about their health. It is majorly focused on the healthy women and everything related to it to make sure that the women of America and also of the whole world take proper care of them and do not break out of the hectic routine.

2.     Prevention

Another magazine in America, bluntly talking about a healthy and sound lifestyle is named as ‘Prevention’. It focuses on everything related to it that we should NOT be doing. The magazine is published under the Hearst Communications company and it has articles and detailed talks about the health issues going on with American people these days. The magazine also highlights a variety of information about the food and nutrition preferences that what should be eaten also how and when it should be consumed. There are multiple ways of losing weight discusses along with the fitness and beauty information.

3.     Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is another magazine which focuses on the health genre. It explains different ways to take care of your health, for instance about yoga and exercise. As we all know that exercise and yoga are one of the most important and handy ways to cover for one’s heath, thus a magazine over the cause is a great thing to sell.

The yoga journal gives a great deal of knowledge about the kind of yoga and how the yogis should pose in the right way to achieve peaceful state. The yoga lifestyle is a valuable one it helps the yogis to connect to their spiritual self. The magazine is famous for having all the related information about yoga.

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