Super Hit Pakistani Dramas of All Times

Introduction to Pakistani Drama Industry

A drama is an art of visual and audio aids beautifully formed by a script which is managed and maintained by the director and producer of the drama or the script.

The main thing that differentiates it from a film is that, a drama has several episodes which goes on and continues for more than a month. There are multiple types of dramas which includes: thrill, comedy, melodrama, emotions, romance and tragedy.

Talking about Pakistani drama industry, it has unbelievably grown up in the past 10 years. The growth has been in terms of:

  1. production, acting and
  2. scriptwriting
  3. acting
  4. singing

In this reviving period of media industry, Pakistani dramas have been again started to known by different people of different nationalities. People from different cultures and languages have shown their interest towards it. The reason is that Pakistan is the home of a unique culture and a different lifestyle as compared to other countries. Mostly dramas are made on Pakistan’s social issues, lifestyle and customs which automatically attract outsiders because of epic story and play.

Most Popular Dramas of Pakistan:

Some of the superhit dramas that actually people want to see and can feel themselves relating with it are:

  • Humsafar:

The drama, Humsafar, super hit of all times which was drected by Sarmad Khoosa was an amazingly written novel by Farhat Ishtiaq. The novel was later made into a drama but it got sold more after the drama release. It’s cast was the right picks and the most suitable one according to the characters. The drama starred the power couple of Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. The chemistry between the two friendly Khan’s was even more than the viewers’ expectations. It was a love story and a drama with jealousy, depression and  success that people everywhere resemble each and every part of the episodes and felt the whole play at heart.

  • Pyarey Afzal:

A story based on the most emotional relation all over the world that is parents and their kids. The director of the serial Pyarey Afzal was Nadeem Baig, the legend.  He selected Hamza Ali Abbasi for the son’s role and Firdous Jamal as the father. The son had always been confused among the right and wrong path. Then he decides to choose the wrong one by going against his parents. The drama is best known for Sohai Ali Abroo’s dialogues.

  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai:

This TV drama was not only loved by Pakistani’s but also by the Indians and Americans. Directed by Sultana Siddiqui, the story is responsible for highlighting the most important issue of the class difference and their mentality within Pakistan. The drama was starring Fawad Khan alongside Sanam Saeed which made another power couple together. The drama portrays the fact that it’s not a sin to get married in a lower class family just because of the higher status, lifestyle or clothing.

  • Khuda or muhabbat:

The drama was another best release and the story was shown around a person who was confused between love and religion as the title of the drama shows. A difference of opinion about loving the Daughter of a maulvi while having a background of an elite class family, the drama portrayed another issue within our society. Imran Abbas alongside the beautiful Sadia Khan as the lead characters made a good cast for the drama. Two seasons of ‘Khuda Or muhabbat’ have been released till now and both were watched and loved on another level by the viewers.

  • Cheekh:

A drama of the ages which was directed by Badar Mehmood, Cheekh was epic. The genre of the drama was a unique one and TV industry never had such a thing before. It portrays the power of elite class that they can do whatever they want by using money or threatening the poor ones. Saba Qamar alongside Bilal abbas had done a great job in the drama. The drama as both about thrill and crime with a whole lot of mystery too. Each and every episode of the serial was a nail biter and people loved it absolutely. Women behaviour was highlighted in different situations and conditions.

Other Pakistani Dramas:

With everything upgrading, the Pakistani drama industry had also evolved a lot. A developed phase of the media industry had begun where there are many experienced writers, directors and actor who are collectively producing quality drama stuff. Some other Pakistani hit dramas include:

  1. Mera Naam Yousuf hai which was a melodious drama which was about the customs and traditions of typical marriage system in Pakistani culture.
  2. Mai Abdul Qadir hun was a different drama with personality phases of a person during his whole life.
  3. Shehr-e-Zaat in which a lady was from the elite class of Pakistan and who spent money like anything, then she found God’s will and way and her life changed.
  4. Chup raho was a rape story of a girl who was raped many times by her brother in law. The drama showed the ignorance factor of the people within the society.

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