United States President Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump Introduction

Every country needs a person who can manage all the issues and run the state properly. He should be the well-wisher of the nation. That person is known to be the President. He is the head of the state. President is selected by public voting. He can be a representative of any political party but should qualify for the post. President has all the powers to reject any policy or law and do amendments accordingly. White House is known to be the residence of the US Presidents.United States President Donald Trump now has all the powers.

Americans have been known to be the trend-setters in the structure of appointive frameworks. A few vote tallying strategies started in the United States. The U.S today, is less inventive broadly, however, there is much decent variety in the discretionary frameworks being used in the state.

Majority system is the most widely recognized and best-known appointive framework being used in America. Under the majority framework, a territory is isolated into various geologically characterized democratic locale. Voters make a solitary choice for their locale’s delegate.

United States President Donald Trump

The United States is said to be one of the powerful states. Many old presidents believed in democracy and had been one of the influential personalities. One of them was Barak Obama. Many presidents had been elected in the United States and one of them is Donald Trump. He is known to be the 45th president.

United States President Donald Trump worked for his father’s business in the construction areas. He was influenced by his father that at first, he started his career in his father’s company but later on pursued his own business after getting control of his father’s company. His elder brother first used to run his father’s business but unfortunately, he died due to alcohol addiction and this incident made trump hate alcohol.

He never smoked or drank alcohol remembering his brother’s advice. Trump transformed his father’s business completely in the late 1970s by investing in residential properties and hotels. Trump worked as a chairman and even his career had been built in real estate.

United States President Donald Trump’s Interests

Along with interest in politics, Trump also had a keen interest in golf. This interest was developed when he used to play with his colleagues at the Pennsylvania University. Numerous books were published by him. His first publication was published in 1987 named “Trump: The Art of Deal”. Along with his publications, he also launched his perfumes.

Trump was a man who enjoyed fast food and delicious steak with some ketchup toppings. Trump had been into the wrestling areas too. He had a periodic relationship with professional wrestling. Trump was seen punching McMahon at WrestleMania 23. Trump posted a changed video with #FraudNewsCnn on his Twitter account on July 2017. @POTUS’s Twitter account retweeted the video.

Following a very long time of Trump assaulting the media and especially CNN as “phony news” and “foes of the individuals”, the tweet was reprimanded as seeming to affect inhumanity against writers.

Married Life

Trump decided to marry a Czech model in 1977. Her name was Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr and she even gave birth to three children but unfortunately, things didn’t work well between them and both decided to take divorce. Trump, then again decided to get married in 1993 and finally, the wedding bells of Trump and Marla Maples started to ring.

Marla and Trump had a child named Tiffany. Unfortunately, this marriage also didn’t go well and Trump and Marla took divorce. At last, Trump’s marriage with Slovene Model, Melania Knauss, started to take a good turn and everything worked out well between them. They had a child named Barron. Miliana’s entrance in Trump’s life proved to be a great success for Trump in 2017 as he had become US President.

Political Career

Trump started his career as a businessman and a television personality. He was a good competitor as he defeated several opponents in a presidential race which was held in 2016. In the same year, Trump became the president by defeating Hilary Clinton, of a democratic party, by a great margin. After the oath, he promised to make several job opportunities, worked on US coal industry — which had been collapsed for many years and banned Muslims immigration.

Social Work

Trump donated several times for noble causes. He provided funds of around 1 million dollars to give scholarships to the children of retired soldiers. Funds used to go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. Trump donated a quarter of his first salary to the national parks in the US. Consequences of Hurricane in Texas were horrible leading to floods.

Trump saw the seriousness of the matter and therefore, donated 1 million dollars to almost 12 non-profitable organizations that provided emergency aids to the affected people of those areas. Since Trump had memories of his elder brother who died due to alcohol, he decided to give 100,000 dollars to the Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism National Institute.

Trump vowed that he would supplant the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a statement that would give better insurance at lesser installments. He also guaranteed that under his arrangement, medical coverage would be given to everyone and nobody would lose it.

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